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Divorce How To – DIY – Without A Lawyer

Filing For A Divorce Without A Lawyer In Oklahoma

Divorce can sometimes be the best last option in a bad marriage. However, getting a divorce is not an easy task. The procedure involves many legal complexities relating to alimony, the child support , property, custody of children. Now we are going to look at how to file for divorce in Oklahoma without a lawyer

no fault divorce - no lawyer

Alternative Options to divorce without a lawyer, such as pro se divorce

Although many cheap divorce methods are available, the very best would still be the kind that both partners can do among themselves without involving an outsider. Letting a lawyer in would be somewhat a burden, particularly when the case drags for a long period causing emotional turmoil for either party, all the while being heavy on the pockets.

Applying for divorce without  a lawyer involved is an option more and more couples are considering these days, especially when the economy makes it tough for people to make ends meet. And if you’re the do it yourself type to begin with this will probably cross your mind more than once.

However, there are many things in life that lots of people enjoy doing themselves such as changing the oil on their car or even painting their house. When making the decision for a DIY divorce you are supposed to get all of the facts first. Yes, everything involved in filing for divorce can really be a nightmare, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. And remember, this is the most emotionally painful times in any person’s life. This fact alone can make this option out of the question for many couples on how to file for divorce in Oklahoma without a lawyer.

Examine Your Motives for Considering a DIY Divorce

Most often the reason for filing your divorce is to save on this added expense of attorney fees. There are enough expenses with divorce including filing fees, which can run quite high and if a response is filed, the amount will just go higher and higher. I can surely understand why you would want to do whatever you can to keep the cost down.

Divorce takes so much away from people on its own in the way of emotional and financial tolls. However, it’s strongly suggested that unless you have some legal knowledge or the time to gather all the information you need legal wise, you may truly regret not taking advantage of a lawyer or other legal assistance.

Divorce Tips

Here’re a few basics to keep in mind as you make your decision about filing your divorce or not. But remember this is just to get you thinking about the process. You will need to get legal information for the entire requirements of your state.

You will need legal grounds for divorce “Irreconcilable incompatibility” is the most common reason for Oklahoma divorce which is defined quite broadly. This means it’s rarely rejected as grounds for divorce. If you’ve faced marital problems that are irreconcilable, then you likely have legal justification.

In most, if not all states, you require to have lived there for at least six months. As for the county, your residency requirement is quite often three months. State and county residency requirements could vary so check out your place of residence.

You will need to file divorce case in your county of residence and present it in the court of your jurisdiction. It might be easy to discover what court this is, or it could prove to be quite difficult. If your divorce is uncontested by your spouse, it’s fairly uncomplicated to file divorce. It becomes complicated when your soon to be ex-spouse responds with a counteraction of some type. These cases can end up being quite difficult even with an attorney. You might be able to locate an online resource that allows filing over the Internet for a fee.

There is available a method to deal with a divorce with the absence of lawyer or an attorney. Known asPro Se divorce, or more popularly as the do it you divorce, it entitles both the parties filing the divorce papers themselves. However, Pro Se divorce can be filed only under certain conditions and might not be the good option for many on how to file for divorce in oklahoma without a lawyer.

The first criterion to file using this is that the divorce is uncontested by either party, either on children or property. Also, the children, if any are involved, must all be legal age and so must not be brought into the case. Any kind investments options must be absent for either party. Alimony is not dealt with in case of doing it yourself divorce, and so the parties must hire a lawyer for the same.

It is compulsory that both the parties file for Pro Se divorce, other than of one choosing attorney and the other going in for the do it yourself divorce. Also, those in the military cannot file through this method while in service. A lawyer is compulsory for such military divorce cases. History of physical or mental abuse on either partner by the other, debt, bankruptcy, etc., are other conditions that must not be present while filing for an uncontested divorce. It is also a condition that both the parties are financially well off after the divorce and would not need any support from the other, such as alimony.

A Final Thought

To file divorce on your own, you will need to fulfill all state and county requirements and file a petition for divorce with the correct court in your jurisdiction. If come from more populated county, you may have multiple locations that you’ll have to check out before filing at the proper one. Remember to check into your local requirements, for legal grounds and all requirements. You don’t need any unpleasant surprises or last-minute problems.local requirements, for legal grounds and all requirements. You don’t need any unpleasant surprises or last-minute problems.

Ending your marital relationship is stressful enough without trying to file all of the paperwork yourself. However, if this an option, you have been considering ensure you have all of the state and local requirements and enough information on divorce to complete everything properly. If you are seeking additional information on how to file for divorce in Oklahoma without a lawyer this is the way to go.